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Android Training In Chennai


Android Training in Chennai by experienced experts with Placement

Get Android training in Chennai by guidance of Our mobile app development expertise. Android is the fastest growing mobile technology in the world with market share of 57% in worldwide. Grab an opportunity and join us to jump start your career. If you are looking for Best Android trainingInstitute in Chennai – Call us 9940344422.

About Android

Android is an open source mobile operating system which is mainly used in smart phones and tablets. The fast growing linux based operating system which backed and developed by Google since 2008. With powerful feature and other options, Android technologies now also using in digital camera, television and other electronic devices apart from smart mobiles. Our Android training in Chennai will provide you in-depth knowledge about the technology with job oriented syllabus and practical classes. 
This course is much suitable for people who are seeking to end up Android software engineers in leading IT companies. Our Android course in Chennai is additionally helpful for the experts who need to catch up on their basics.

For joining our Android training in chennai we expect student should have knowledge about Core Java language. (Student/ Professionals).

We offers you a professional android training course with certification from our Xplorant Training institute and also help you with placement assistance after completion of our training.

Training Duration – 78 Hours 

Android Training Syllabus

1. Basics of Java Concepts

  • Fundamentals of OOPS
  • Exception Handling, packages and Interfaces
  • Inheritance
  • Multithreading in detail

2. Structured Query Language (SQL) –

3. Android Introduction

  • What is Android
  • Development environment setup
  • .apk file extension and Dalvik Virtual Machine

Basics :

  • Building Blocks – Services, Activities, receivers and content providers, Broadcast
  • User Interface components – Notifications and Views
  • Intent and Intent Filters
  • API levels

4. Detailed Application Structure

  • Uses- permissions
  • Uses- sdk
  • AndroidManifest.xml
  • Activities
  • Fragments
  • Activity Cycle
  • Assets
  • First Application

5. Android Virtual Device

  • Emulator
  • Emulator setting editing
  • DDMS introduction
  • Creating an app for testing the communications between intents

6.User Interface (UI) Basics

  • Text Fields
  • Form widgets
  • Versus px
  • Layouts
  • Examples

7. Menu

  • Sub menu
  • Option menu
  • Context menu
  • Menu via code
  • Menu from XML
  • Examples

8. Preferences

9. Intents in Brief

  • Explicit and Implicit Interns
  • Examples
  • Context menu
  • Menu via code
  • Menu from XML
  • Examples

10. User Interface (UI) design

  • Time and Date
  • Material Design
  • Composite
  • Images
  • Media
  • Popup

11. UI Design – UI components

  • Intent
  • Activity, Activity Lifecycle
  • Manifest
  • Introducing Layouts
  • Resolution & density independence
  • Advanced User Interface Programming
  • Creation of splash screen
  • Click Listeners
  • Toast,Dialog, Menu,List & Adapters
  • Listview with Adapter
  • Gridview with Adapter
  • Spinner with Adapter

12. Tabs and Activities


  • SQLite Database
  • SQLite Programming
  • SQLite open Helper
  • Reading Bookmarks
  • Cursor
  • Listings

14. Debug Bridge Tool (adb)

15. Widgets and Adapters

  • Base Adapters
  • Array Adapters
  • Gallery and Gridview using adapters
  • Custom listviews

16. Threads

  • Worker Threads
  • Runnable and Handlers
  • Liv folders
  • XML Parsing
  • JSON Parsing
  • Using sd cards
  • Location based services, Maps, GPS

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